February 20, 2017

Choosing the Perfect Water Feature for Your Yard

You’re finally taking the plunge. You’ve decided you want the soothing sound of water in your landscape but aren’t sure where to begin. Start by asking yourself, “What made me think about adding a water feature in the first place?”

Maybe you were on vacation and enjoyed lounging by the lake or ocean. Perhaps you visited a shopping center and were drawn to the sound and beauty of a fountain where you could rest your weary feet. Or maybe you were thumbing through the pages of a magazine and saw photos of children interacting with fish in a pond and you envisioned your own family enjoying time spent with Mother Nature.

Your intent for adding water to your landscape will be the first step in helping you determine what type of water feature to install. If you envision hours of interaction with nature, then an ecosystem pond with fish and plants is in order. If you simply want to enjoy the sound of running water while sitting on the deck or patio, then a  Waterfall will suit your needs. Or maybe you’re thinking of enhancing your home’s curb appeal, in which case a stylish fountain near the entrance to your home will do the trick. There are 4 basic types of water features you can select for your home.

Eco System Pond, Pondless Waterfall, Fountain Escape and Patio Pond.