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Veth’s Landscape Services is privately owned and operated. We have fully trained and skilled employees that are equipped to complete and plan any size landscape project. Our company is blessed with satisfied clients and new business each year! We guarantee competitive prices without compromising quality, above standard customer service, and an edge on personal attention to details. Our company is successful because of our collaboration of ideas, talent, and most of all, a team effort with our clients!
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About Veth Voeuth - Our CEO

VLS Landscape Co. has been in business since the turn of the century. Veth started out with one truck cutting grass by himself at local residential properties. His father had a small landscaping company and he started working with his dad in 1987 at the age of 13. His tenacity leads him to knock door to door of his neighbor’s houses, asking if he could cut their grass. Veth went to the University of Washington and graduated with his business & marketing degree from Central Washington University in 1999. Afterward, he started his own Landscaping Company. Veth has always been passionate about working alongside the client, as well as nature to bring his landscape design to life. His company continued to grow which started from a one-man job to a full team of more than 30 people. After getting a strong foothold in the landscaping industry, Veth is expanding to accommodate more projects. Keep an eye out for our trucks!


You cannot go wrong when you call VLS to remove your unwanted tree. Our skilled professionals will inspect or remove any tree and stump, or clear any lot and much more. Call us to schedule an appointment!

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Insect infestations, disease, weather damage, and wounds caused by people, all affect trees’ and plants’ health. The impact of these issues on a tree or a shrub’s health differs. Some issues can be mostly aesthetic and the tree or plant will remain healthy for years. Others can cause the health of the tree or the shrub to deteriorate and eventually cause the plant to perish without proper care.

Veth’s Landscape Services can help you counter these issues with a fully-certified and highly experienced plant health care staff. We aid residential, municipal, and commercial clients to identify, diagnose, and treat diseased trees and insect infestations through science and a carefully planned course of action. Our team offers a full range of tree and plant care services.


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